Saturday 10 November 2018


So the BBC's Carrie Gracie received a £361,000 payout from the BBC over her equal pay claim against the corporation - a licence-fee-funded payout, no doubt - and she's given it to the feminist campaigning charity The Fawcett Society. The comments below the report about this at The Times are, again, not exactly complimentary about her - or the BBC. 


  1. Farcical. She's not remotely "equal". I'm the sort of person who stays up all night watching elections and watches Daily Politics and so on, and until she started whining I'd never heard of her, not even remotely.

    1. Actually I think some of her reports from China showing the modernisation effects on a village were some of the best BBC reporting ever...but that was a long time ago and she seemed to become less effective as Chinese Communist censorship once again became iron-like.

      But remember - while the BBC has something like 20 -50 reporters in the USA, it was often just Carrie there, covering a nation 3 times more populous. and you have the language barrier as well.

  2. Absolutely, she would have been a guaranteed "Pointless" answer.
    The programme is quite an education at times and should be required viewing for people in the media, entertainment and politics. If you are, say, a member of the cabinet and long-term MP yet not one out of 100 members of the public could bring your name to mind in 100 seconds then perhaps a little humility is in order.
    Ditto media types who think that they are worth a few hundred grand extra per year.


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