Saturday 24 November 2018

Extremist backer of mass-murderous 20th Century totalitarian ideology become BBC regular. What larks!

Sometimes BBC banners go askew, to simply hilarious effect. 

For example - coming up shortly. Stay with us (as they say on the BBC News Channel) - here's self-declared communist Ash Sarkar:...

...(despite Communism killing over 100 million people over the previous century - a statistic that speaks of over one hundred million individual tragedies.

It's like Ash herself had been murdered for political, class or religious reasons, or intentionally starved to death, or starved to death though policy errors or torture, not just once, or a hundred times, or a thousand times, or 100 thousand times, or a million times, or 10 million times, but over 100 million times.

To be fair, I suspect she really wouldn't enjoy dying that many times, even for the Corbyn cause).

So, you may ask, who's this Ash? Well, she's a new regular on the BBC from the extreme alt-left website Norovirus.Media:

Oddly, I've not seen the likes of Samira Ahmed protesting furiously about such a fringe extremist being 'normalised' by the BBC.

As you'll all doubtless be well aware, the whole hilarious mess-up arose here because the lead singer from Wheatus - who, m'lud, I'm informed by my learned friend, Mr Rees-Mogg QC, had a hit in 2000, rather charmingly, one thinks, entitled Teenage Dirtbag (though a dirtbag, I'm informed, is not a superior brand of vacuum cleaner) - was up next.

And that banner just happened to appear above the face of Norovirus's early-middle-aged, extreme-left, communist, BBC regular Ash. 

How we all laughed.

I, being a fan of free speech, am glad that Ash seems to have become 'Our Ash' at the BBC. There's nothing nicer than listening to barely-thinking apologists for the most mass-murderous ideology in human history chewing the cud on BBC politics programmes, being glamorous and getting away with it because they're (fairly) young, female, BAME and (very) left-wing.

Ticks, ticks and ticks for the BBC, no doubt.

What though if you're white, working class, non-racist, male, not glamorous, hard-to-place politically, but - to the annoyance of 'them' - not keen on Islam or heavy levels of disruptive mass migration? 

Do you get a regular spot on the BBC? 

No. You don't.

You really, really don't - despite you not supporting any murderous 20th Century ideologies. 

Funny old world, isn't it, BBC-wise?


  1. Any one of a complaining disposition should ask the BBC why they never use the Far Left label but are happy to apply the Far Right label to anyone right of Kenneth Clarke...BTW do you remember a time when the BBC was mildly critical about Kenneth and his Tobacco-Cancer Millions? When was the last time you heard ANYTHING negative about Clarkey-Boy on the BBC?

  2. I think I've railed here before about those intrusive banners on the revamped Daily Politics; thanks, Hurly Burly. There is no need whatever for tombstone capital letters; they are too large, too high up, too brightly white of background and not adjusted when the camera focus moves to one individual so they end up with this great white banner cutting across them below the neck. There're plenty of examples of how to do lower-case and generally less obtrusive banners at the foot of the screen, both on the BBC and on Sky. Look around you, BBC and review the bl....awful tombstone things.

  3. Clarke was on Any Questions? last night. He soon put them right on a question about free speech by recalling occasions in the past when people wanted to stop him speaking at events because of being a 'Tory' and 'right wing'. He was on with Stella Creasy, who would stop people speaking, and Tim Montgomerie.

    Dimbleby was up to his usual tricks; he let the first two speakers say their piece but when it came to Gisela Stuart, he couldn't wait to get stuck in; leapt in with a flurry of interruptions; three or four questions wrapped up in one foray; the prepared sequence of questions launched at the chosen victim is his specialty.


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