Tuesday 13 November 2018

A post featuring Andrew Neil

Oh dear...

If you were wondering, the deleted tweet ran as follows:


  1. One too many drams?

  2. Replies
    1. Aye. Our Twitter feeds seem to run in parallel!

  3. Just been reading the dozens of tweets in support of Cadwalladr - didn't realise there were so many snowflakes around. Search for her on Guido to see how much inaccurate reporting she has produced this year; now, can the same be said of Andrew Neil?

  4. It is again unsurprising but interesting to note the variations in offence that can be given, taken, excised and/or apologised for in and around and by in short order by 'the BBC' (individuals seem spared this because 'hive rules'), especially via twitter.

    Only the other day, an employee and Sirred notable of that parish took it upon himself to call the President of the United States a lady part (front hole too much even for the delicate ladies at BBBC now, it seems, if not the actual BBC).

    Best I can judge, the BBC has had either no complaints or, if it has, sees this as 'all part and parcel' of a selective 'views their own' Wild West frontier, totally beyond their ken or kontrol.

    However, one of their own gets fed up with another one of their own being bat guano loopy once too often, and a barge load of night soil immediately hits every canal side windmill there is.

    Funny old world.

    1. This BBC Twitter apology was VERY short order. They even sent another one directly to the FFF (Flaky Feline-owning Female) herself. Not unexpectedly, the FFF then promptly hurled half a dozen of her mangy moggies at the BBC, tweeting "This is so very inadequate". Miaow.

  5. Ha, Craig I've been 2 hours behind you all day.
    As the same tweets popped up in front of me.


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