Sunday 25 November 2018

Dishing Mishal

Mishal Husain no less

Sunday mornings just wouldn't be right without a bit of Rod Liddle in The Sunday Times. Here he is having a pop at Hillary...and Mishal Husain:
BBC Radio 4’s Today has been running a series about brilliant women who were unjustly eclipsed by their stupid male partners. On Thursday it was the Clintons, with the humourless Mishal Husain lamenting Bill’s fame and Hillary’s relative anonymity. Isn’t that because Bill served two terms as president while Hillary’s greatest achievement was in persuading half of America to vote for a certifiable lunatic in preference to her? And isn’t it more likely that Hillary won the nomination precisely because of her husband’s name? I look forward to Today’s investigation into women and ethnic minorities who have been over-promoted for reasons of social engineering. But I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. To be fair to Mishal she spent all her formative childhood years in Saudi Arabia where humour can earn you 1000 lashes, so being humourless should be viewed as a survival strategy rather than a preference. Though she often comes across as a brain-dead robot, there are occasions when she becomes quote animated: when she sees the Israeli Ambassador in front of her (it's like some algorithm is whispering "keel him") in her brain circuitry.


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