Tuesday 13 November 2018


One of the things I intended to check tonight, especially following a point made by John in the comments here at ITBB, is whether the BBC would engage in 'bias by omission' by not making much of Mrs Merkel's call today for a 'real, true European army' - an army unlikely to appeal to most UK voters in the event of a second people's referendum vote - and, on so doing, I find that her call is a major story (ranked fourth) on the Sky News website but conspicuous by its complete absence from the BBC News website's front page. 


  1. & you find that surprising ?

    1. Not surprising but scandalous and effectively blowing out of the water the BBC's claim to be free of Fake News. Unilaterally failing to report immediately and at length on such an important development, covered by other news outfits, means the BBC is engaged in deliberate deception, maintaining the Remainer fiction that there are no plans for a European Army.


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