Thursday 29 November 2018

Image choice

A BBC tweet:

And a response from TCW's Kathy:

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  1. The use of photographic images to make the desired point has become commonplace recently. Photos of protests were used inappropriately recently to promote the 'people's Vote' - a political point, not a news story. Ditto with the above photo of HGVs probably taken some time ago during an 'Operation Stack'.

    In fact I found the image:


    ....'Government scraps £250m alternative to Operation Stack'...

    ....'A £250 million lorry park off the M20 was first pitched two years ago but has been the subject of a judicial review'.....

    The article is dated Wednesday 15 November 2017.

    This Sky News article has nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. Here is the essence of the story:

    .... 'Former Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the proposal for Stamford West, Kent, during 2015's Autumn Statement' ...

    ... 'It meant that Operation Stack - a police initiative which essentially creates 3,000 parking spaces for trucks on the motorway - was deployed for more than a month. But the lorry park proposal was not without controversy, having proved unpopular with nearby residents, and in October last year was subjected to a judicial review....

    Photo credits are fiercely fought over. I believe that every image used by the BBC should have date and location added to photo credits.


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