Saturday 17 November 2018

'Newswatch' apologies

Ah, so the BBC's Newswatch (with Samira Ahmed) has now apologised to Carole Cadwalladr:

Is that the sound of purring I hear?

UpdateAh, no it isn't. It's the sound of hissing and scratching:


  1. Not really.

    Bet Samira is thrilled her apology was taken so... as a reason to kick off further.

    1. Yes. The best laid plans of cats and men...

  2. Luckily, Carole has Gav, and others, onside. They know sane. Apparently.

  3. Will someone who has a twitter account post these comments from her colleague Marina Hyde on CC's accout and ask her whether she thinks the targets might find them upsetting.

    You could throw in the Mirror headline about Farage and BOris being "swine", from yesterday.

    In the last few months Hyde has:

    1. Joked about Tommy Robinson's gaunt appearance after being deprived of healthy food in prison.

    2. Referred to Raheem Kassam as a "nebbishy shitposter" and criticised his clothing.

    3. Referred to Tommy Robinson as a "narcissistic shit".

    4. Made fun of Jordan Peterson's perfectly ordinary Canadian pronunciation of "about", suggesting we should laugh at it.

    5. Described Peterson as "looking like he’s about to urinate out of his face."

    1. Here's another set:

      Getting flouncy about terminology is making them look pretty daft.


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