Saturday 17 November 2018

Some people are never pleased

Oh dear. This week's Newswatch featured a couple of Carole Cadwalladr fans calling for Andrew Neil to be taken off the BBC because of his "misogynistic" 3.15 am tweet about "mad cat woman...Karole Kodswallop". 

Samira looked stern, especially as she informed us that Andrew Neil and the BBC had declined to be interviewed on the matter. 

Guess what though? Carole Catwalladr is now upset at Newswatch itself for showing that very tweet and not inviting her to comment!


  1. Andrew Neil has not made me think that Ms Cadwalladr is crazy - I already thought it!

  2. Carole Cadwalladr ever looked at what her colleague Marina Hyde writes about people? Here are some recent examples:

    1. Joked about Tommy Robinson's gaunt appearance after being deprived of healthy food in prison.

    2. Referred to Raheem Kassam as a "nebbishy shitposter" and criticised his clothing.

    3. Referred to Tommy Robinson as a "narcissistic shit".

    4. Made fun of Jordan Peterson's perfectly ordinary Canadian pronunciation of "about"

    5. Described Peterson as "looking like he’s about to urinate out of his face."

    This is her MO. But CC sees nothing wrong with it as long as it's inhouse and directed at non-leftists.


  3. How tediously Guardianista. Cadwalladr turns this into a gender issue. I bet Andrew Neil has fired off plenty of snarky stuff to males on Twitter.


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