Sunday 25 November 2018

Mayday (3)

Dancing Queen

Yet another exchange from this morning's Andrew Marr show, this time starring Bjorn from Abba, against accompanied by a heckle:
Andrew Marr: That was ABBA at their finest, and we always like having rock and pop musicians on the show, particularly when they have intervened in our national political life, as you have. Let's take a look at this: (Clip of Theresa May jiving to Dancing Queen). Did you see that at the time? 
Bjorn: I saw it, yes I did, it made the news, even in Sweden. 
Andrew Marr: What did you think? 
Bjorn: Like Tony Blair was saying, I think she was very brave in doing that. 
Andrew Marr: She's taking the Mickey out of herself basically. 
Bjorn: It is kind of touching. It's a lady with not a lot of rhythm in her, braving and doing something like that. I was kind of touch, actually. 
Andrew Marr: I was talking to Benny, your colleague, a little while ago and he was saying he was very upset about Brexit. He felt personally hurt and upset about Britain leaving the EU. I wondered if you feel the same.
Bjorn: That was my initial feeling too, like a friend not wanting to be your friend any more. But we have come a long way since then, and I have come to realise that Britain will always be Britain, whatever happens. 

Far-left Pete may be wrong about Andrew being a "Tory shill" but, my goodness, Our Andy really did seem to going out of his way to be nice about Our Theresa this morning. Maybe Robbie Gibb should hire him to come to Downing Street at least once a day and act as Official Flatterer to the Prime Minister, so as to keep up Mrs May's morale during the difficult days to come?

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  1. It's not just Marr. It's not just the BBC in fact. Across the UK MSM there is a push on. The key ingredients are:

    1. To get us to "admire the woman" - resilient, honest, sincere etc - whereas you could just as easily have shaky, dishonest and manipulative.

    2. Repeated claims that this is "the only deal on offer" even though we all know if the deal is rejected by the UK Parliament the EU will still talk and if someone came back and said "we want EEA" or "we want Canada Plus" there would be further talks. So this is a clear media lie. No one with any knowledge of the subject would believe the EU would refuse to talk to us if the deal is rejected.

    3. Continued mention of the N Ireland Border as the "devil in the detail"...when the Irish Republic has made clear it has no intention of putting up a hard border even if we leave with no deal, and the UK Government has made crystal clear it has no intention of putting up a hard border.

    4. JUst as the BBC had it about six months before the Referendum vote that we were all bored with the Brexit vote when in fact people were more engaged with this issue than any other since WW2, so now they are trying to brainwash us into believing we are "bored with Brexit" and will take any deal just to make it stop (except it won't because under May's abject surrender document the negotiations over trade and all the rest are going to be dragged out tortuously for several more years). We are bored with Project Fear and BBC Bias - we are not bored with the topic of why our simply expressed desire to leave the EU and take back control of our destiny has been denied us.


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