Sunday 11 November 2018

Birds of a feather tweet together

Whatever you thought of President Trump's helicopter/rain problems yesterday (with or without ironic quotation marks), I was struck by the instant, almost unthinking downpour of disapproval and disdain that rained down on him from some of the BBC's finest (and John Sweeney)... chronicled by Guest Who at B-BBC in a quite devastating sequence

It really hits home when you see a stream of tweets like this just how like a flock they act...(whether that be of sheep, or of starlings, or of free, fair and impartial BBC journalists I'll let you decide!):


  1. Yes this could be a first - BBC Bias en masse recorded for posterity. Great research...

    Can you imagine what they would have tweeted if Trump had overruled staff and gone up in the helicopter only for it to crash and kill him and everyone on board, plus maybe a few French people on the ground?

    John Simpson: "Selfish and publicity hungry to the last."

    Jon Sopel: "He died as he lived, in a dangerous miasma, having overruled experts who desperately tried to advise on the right course of action. How fitting. "

    Rob Burley: Glenn Miller at least died with honour...and purpose. "

    Anthony Zurcher: "We all knew that at some point karma would catch up with him. It could have been an assassin's bullet. It's a shame karma had to take some others with him."

    Jeremy Bowen: "There are many in the Middle East who will refuse to shed a tear for the man who stole their capital from them. Some will say: Quite right too."

    Emily Maitlis: "Who will mourn him? Stormy Daniels perhaps as her showbiz career will suffer no doubt..."

    Katty Kay: "Ouch!"

    1. These seven senior BBC anti Trump 'journalists' need to look at themselves and see what happens when they promote animosity towards President Trump. No doubt his security have said no way are you going to stand there out in the open as a sitting duck.

      There may be any number of hot-heads there in the EU and the UK who heed the words of Sopel et al, unable to disentangle the truth from the lies - the fake from the real thing - and who may actually believe that his ass*****ion might provide an 'outcome' that would meet with BBC North America Inc's approval.

  2. Well, that is quite the band of brothers there. And, being the BBC, a sista too. If as ever a woman of few words.

    In passing, I wonder if Lord Tony still enjoys the close protection detail that kept him out of the public eye after that nasty tweet from 'somewhere outside the UK'a few years back?


  3. In defence, they would all say "it's our job to hold politicians to account".

    In reality, they know exactly what they are doing. They are quick to point out that those in the public eye should be careful with words that could stir up hatred. But it never applies to them if they are baiting those (usually right wingers) who transgress BBC values.

    1. They held Obama to account, not! Gets into Harvard Law school with p-poor grades...upbringing with a school in Indonesia registered as a Muslim (quite correctly according to Sharia as his father was one)...what's that ring he always wears with the Arabic inscription (not a wedding ring - predated his wedding)? - no interest from the MSM...that deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia...

      Even the most recent example - Obama's unprecedented decision as an ex-President to go on the stump night after night undermining the serving President. No one has ever done that before. MSM comment? Virtually nothing.

      That's just for starters.

  4. Nick Bryant tweeted a hatey sneering cartoon

  5. Tony Robinson used the C-word against Trump and got a massive 103K likes and 21K retweets
    The thread is a mass of hate


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