Saturday 17 November 2018

"Why is the BBC pushing raw anti-Israel propaganda?"

That indefatigable fighter for Israel and against antisemitism David Collier has the BBC firmly in his sights at the moment for a BBC News website piece 'explaining' an element of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict :

The 100 word-part of the BBC piece is particularly one-sided.


  1. And they want to make it illegal to claim the BBC is Fake News!

  2. The best you say of the BBC is that it is a kind of ignorance, and there is certainly an abundance of shoddy research behind much of the material broadcast by the BBC. But there is also wilful ignorance, when they already have an agenda and don’t even bother to check the facts or understand the history. How often have I heard Jeremy Bowen described by his colleagues as if he is the ultimate authority on the Middle East, when in fact he is a propagandist.


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