Saturday 10 November 2018

That's the way to do it?

Might it not be much better if the BBC went down the route of Sky's The Pledge? Instead of endless discussions umpired by impartial BBC presenters who aren't always impartial, mightn't it be far better to broadcast more open-ended current affairs discussion programmes without such umpires - if the range of opinion is wide enough? 

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  1. Trevor Phillips has just written an article for the Mail which articulates many of the same thoughts he outlined on the Pledge a few days ago. This is fresh and radical thinking; no political correctness here. Again, he makes no bones about the fact more police is not a solution. He prefers 'intensive policing' in Knife crime hot spots.

    It is noticeable that Phillips is not writing this article in the Guardian or Independent; he seems to have been shunned by the liberal media. Obviously he prefers to calls to call it as it is and that upsets the rich liberals who are imprisoned by their far left ideology.

    With this type of radical and open minded thinking, he would be an interesting choice for London Mayor or Crime Tsar.


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