Saturday 24 November 2018

Ruddy Hooligans!

Norman, looking hard

Credit to Samira's Newswatch this week for featuring a couple of complaints about hardline BBC labeller Norman Smith. 

The background was that Newsnight's Nick Watt had asked Jacob Rees-Mogg about the ERG-led attempt on Mrs May's premiership,  "Doesn't it has more of the Dad's Army feel about it?", and Mr Rees-Mogg had replied in his deadpan way, "I always admired Captain Mainwaring". On Thursday's News at One, however, Norman Smith said: 
Hope will be, no it's not going to win over the hard-Brexiteers, the Dad's Army Brigade, but there may be enough in this to get some of those middle-ground Brexiteers on board to back the government.
...and that drew criticism:
Chris Oldershaw: How dare your political 'guru' use the offensive expression 'Dad's Army Brigade' to describe people who want a clean break from the EU? 
Phil Carr: Pretty derogatory language - or do you want to nudge listeners in a certain direction?


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