Saturday 17 November 2018

Local news

In depressing news, the UK's fourth-largest local newspaper group, Johnston Press, is going into administration

People are noting that it publishes such mighty local names as The Yorkshire Post and The Scotsman and The i, but it actually has over 200 titles to its name, including the mightiest local names of all, namely the Morecambe Visitor and the Lancaster Guardian (the former widely regarded by me as the UK's finest local newspaper). 

I doubt we'll be hearing much about this from the BBC, but Media Guido is surely bang on the mark in saying, "And the BBC is now the nation’s biggest publisher of local news via online. Undermining the viability of independent commercial local news".

Other people have been saying this for years.


  1. I heard that on the BBC News. They can't pay their way and the pension liabilities. There was mention of the loss of classified ads and the effect of how Facebook works but nothing about the effect of BBC online.

  2. The i? Isn't that the supposedly successful one when the Independent went online because no one paid to read it, to spend more time creating 'articles' for the BBC to claim is in the press?

    1. Don't blame Amol...he was just the messenger, so to speak.


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