Sunday 11 November 2018


Morecambe's War Memorial is unusual in that it dates the First World War to 1914-1919. Most memorials date it as 1914-1918. Built in 1921, it commemorates 216 men from Morecambe and Heysham who died in World War One, 180 from World War Two and one more who died during the Korean War.



    I didn’t know that, thanks for prompting my google search.

  2. BBC announcement on all channels:

    "Here is an important announcement. The Ministry of Truth reminds people that the day of licensed patriotism ends at 00:00 GMT tonight. Beyond that time expressions of patriotism will of course be treated as prima facie hate crimes and investigated by the appropriate authorities. Remember the slogan: "If you keep quiet, there'll be no riot." That is the end of the announcement.

    On BBC 1 now, "Why Borders Are Hate Crimes"

    Over on BBC2 it's "Why We Love Women's Football So Much."

    On BBC3 it's "Drill Killers: A Celebration of Violent Gang Culture" and on

    BBC4 it's something vaguely sensible that we won't bother telling you about but hope might just persuade some of you to keep paying the licence fee.

  3. And on the BBC home page now:
    •The last deaths of World War 1.
    •WW1's forgotten Muslim soldiers.
    •How Germans remember the wars.
    •What do white poppies represent?
    •WW1 footage in colour.
    •What rĂ´le did weapons and technology play in WW1?

    But nothing about the 'forgotten' Hindu or Sikh, soldiers; or red poppies. No agenda there, then.

    1. No mention, either, of Mr Corbyn's decision to emulate Michael Foot in turning up at the ceremony wearing inappropriate attire. No doubt the ex-servicemen who will have spent time polishing medals, shoes etc were suitably unimpressed.


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