Saturday 24 November 2018

Meanwhile, in Israel...

Meanwhile, I've been glancing at the BBC News website's front page today and all day long so far (literally, as I first saw it around midnight last night), this has been a lead headline story for the BBC:

"A year-long BBC investigation", eh? (My poor, overactive eyebrows are turning all 'Fiona Bruce' again). 

Given the extinction-skirting scarcity of good news stories about Israel on the BBC News website, who's surprised that the BBC would make this bad news story such a prominent piece on its news website home page?

It rather reeks of malice.


  1. I like 'BBC investigations'. They are funny.

    Unless you are a McAlpine, I guess.

  2. Furrow my brows! I saw that headline...I immediately thought of the millions of domestic workers assaulted in rich Arabs' homes in the Middle East about which the BBC is generally quiet, compared with say the MeToo Virtue Signalling. The idea that it would relate to a YEAR LONG investigation I find incredible...I guess I will have to read it now.

  3. A report no doubt written on devices manufactured by workers in serf-like conditions in China.

  4. Not pre or during the Olympics for sure, as that would have ruined the vibe.

    I also noticed that when the entire BBC decamped to sit around the pools whilst planting St. Nelson, few got beyond the gated communities much less to, say, Congo.


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