Saturday 24 November 2018

Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

A lady who favours BBC Radio 4, for some reason

One of the things I like about The Spectator is its range of opinion. 

I mean, yes, I'd probably prefer James Delingpole to do the Radio reviews each week rather than Kate Chisholm, but I like reading drippingly-pro-BBC Kate too. 

And whilst reading her today I came across this: 
I wonder what Michelle Obama, the former First Lady who remade that role in her own image, would make of Hannah’s attempts on The Archers to embody the 2018 version of an empowered, liberated woman? Does Obama secretly listen in to Ambridge each night? Has she been impressed by the soap’s attempt, via Hannah, to address the #MeToo movement? Does that explain why she blessed Radio 4 (rather than an online audio provider) with the great coup of reading herself from her new autobiography, Becoming?
Now, I don't listen to The Archers myself but I know at least one of you does. So, did you spot the very BBC "attempt, via Hannah, to address the #MeToo movement"?  (On the flipping Archers?)

(And if I know the BBC, you'll probably have found it very hard NOT to spot it, as it will almost certainly have been laid on with an American-tractor-sized trowel.) 

As for the lovely Michelle having "blessed Radio 4", well, I suspect Radio 4 laid verbal rose-scented red carpets in front of her mouth to entice it to move so eloquently on their behalf  for the Book of the Week spot. 

And maybe she just read all those many, many, many lovely BBC articles about her over the years and, thus, developed a soft spot for the very friendly BBC.

If so, I'm guessing Melania won't be quite so personally motivated to say 'yes' in years to come.


  1. Never quite understood how MO is often felt unattractive. Looks ok for and old bird to me.

    However, looks can be deceiving. And who choses the photos has as much power as who edits the story.

    Totally unfair of course, but the BBC has been known to select one frame of 24 in a second if it serves.

    One of my favourite photos of the Obama days I am sure adorns Katty Kay's guest lavvy.

    Yup. Lucky his shutterbug caught that one.

    Though this one seems more likely.

  2. Mark Dice's take on Michelle's book -


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