Tuesday 13 November 2018

Good grief!

James O'Brien

Here's Jimmy, calling for Andrew Neil to be sacked:

Meanwhile, here's award-winning Carole saying that the BBC conspired with the Government and right-wing lobbyists to cover up massive electoral fraud:

Altogether now...


  1. Of course, the "aggressively right wing, pro-Brexit" Spectator of which JO'B speaks, has regular features by Matthew Parris, Nick Cohen, Alex Massie, and Martin Vander Weyer, and others. JO'B is talking nonsense.

    1. Was JO'B effectively fired for his aggressively left wing anti-Brexit views on Newsnight...and was that covered up with some sort of NDA?

      I read the Spectator regularly and I would say that broadly it's really a Remainer Rag...how it came out for Brexit is a bit of a mystery but they are very clubby so maybe it was just because Boris, ex editor, was for Brexit.

  2. Eventually you just run out of words to describe this kind of incessant bias. I doubt if O’Brien even realises that it is bias. What he is suggesting is what is happening on campuses in North America, where distinguished professors are sacked merely for expressing a point of view that goes against the groupthink.

    No one in their right mind would characterise The Spectator as being “aggressively” right wing.


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