Monday 19 November 2018

Richard Dawkins heckles Radio 4

It's rare to read radio reviews by Richard Dawkins, but, bless him, he's been listening to BBC Radio 4 this afternoon and the experience has evidently severely punctured his equilibrium. He's evolved without intermediary stages straight into Dame Gillian Reynolds:


  1. I heard that programme and it was quite enlightening about a range of religions and traditions and the symbolic meaning of blood. Nothing wrong with explaining why the Jehovah's Witnesses take that view and how medics deal with it. Dawkins is a fanatic and thus a dope himself.

    1. He may be a fanatic but - unlike a lot of fanatics - he is consistent in his fanaticism. I quite like his Anglican Atheism, as I do Atheistic Anglicanism.

    2. What a sad age to live in when someone like Dawkins is described as a fanatic.

    3. Smear and Dismiss
      Putting a smear-label on someone nd then dismissing them is a poor argument techniques usually used by lefty/liberals these days.


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