Sunday 25 November 2018

All Greek to them

I've written before about how Mark Mardell gets lots of social media fan mail from (sometimes-anti-BBC) left-wingers and pro-EU types, and today has been no different in that respect:

One People's Vote marcher said "Thank goodness for Mark Mardell. He needs cloning & spreading around the channels". Another People's Vote supporter gave him a "Well done Mark - you did your best".

Unfortunately, other pro-EU types today spotted that Greek minister George Katrougkalos sounded rather German and that the German MEP Elmar Brok sounded rather Greek.

Yes, The World This Weekend had got the interviews mixed up, and didn't notice.

One pro-EU type even implied racism on the programme's part as a result: "Mark Mardell's piece tells you all you need to know about their arrogance. 'Some bloke with foreign accent'".

Ah well, Mark, even you can't please all of the pro-EU left-wingers all of the time!


  1. Vy dost Dunold Tarsk sound so German? He's supposed to be Polish. My theory is that all EU officials are actually German whatever their nominal nationality.

    1. Ja. The 'Jean-Claude' bit of Herr Juncker's name isn't fooling me.

  2. On matters stereotypical, renowned Belgian 'Don't be that Guy' recently gave a speech that was soon converted to grainy monochrome and absolutely came across as a bit Ger...odwin complex.


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