Monday 19 November 2018

Another Tale of Two Andrews

Being called 'Andrew' and working at the BBC probably hasn't been much fun recently. Our two favourite BBC 'Andrews' have been in the firing line yet again this weekend. (Maybe they should change their names to 'Jeremy'?).

Andrew Neil is still under fire from that nice, sensible Carole Catwalladr and her furry followers. Here she is again, surely dispelling, beyond the last vestige of the slightest shadow of a sliver of doubt, any idea that she's remotely like a 'mad cat woman' (as Andrew the First so memorably described her):

No, there's definitely nothing of the 'mad cat woman/crazy cat lady' there, is there? 

(I hear the phrase 'beyond satire' purring in my ear and feel inclined to stroke it).

Meanwhile, further fuelling claims of BBC 'misogyny' from Jeremy Corbyn supporters, Andrew the Second, Andrew Marr, lost his temper with Baroness Chakrabarti of Kennington in the London Borough of Lambeth (better known as Shami) yesterday.

"Don't try and patronise me", he snapped. 

It was a very odd moment, and it even made the home page of the BBC News website

I saw it before before seeing all the fuss about it kicked off and wondered 'What's that all about?'. After all, Shami used to be a regular on Andrew Marr's sofa, reviewing the papers on 17 occasions before getting her peerage and joining Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet (with three further appearances since). 

So why did Andrew Marr get so angry at her? Was it because she was proving a particularly useless guest, or was it something more personal? 

Whatever it was, it's certainly got the Corbynistas baying for his blood again. 

(If you're wondering, Rob Burley has noticeably been curiously shy in replying to their questions about this.)


P.S. Talking of 'Andrews'...the leader of the another faction of the left wing of the Beeb-bashing movement, the Chief Adonista himself, Lord Andrew Adonis, looks to have been back-pedalling furiously today after applying his usual tactics against another leading hardline Brexiteer media outlet, the FT (yes, 👀), and appearing to come sharply unstuck in the process!!

Did Lionel Barber encourage m'lord to think about m'lud? 


  1. Carole should wear her badge while she can as the First Lady of the Treasury will be claiming her title soon!

  2. Why isn't Carol concerned about her colleague's "lobster shaming" of Jordan Peterson, suggesting he looks like he urinates through his face?

    Is it because he doesn't get protection being that he is (in descending order) allegedly right wing, Canadian, a man, a Jungian, an observer of a Goth-lite dress code and white?

    1. The colleague is of course Marina Hyde (the Guardianistas love the personal abuse she directs at the privileged opponents of progressivism...even though she comes, of course (don't they all?), from a highly privileged privately educated background with a family who likely made their money from slavery and empire.

  3. If Lionel Barber is indeed seeking ennoblement the Baroness of Kennington might give him a few tips. A mere knighthood should be a walk in park.


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