Thursday 29 November 2018

Side of a bus

Talking about last night's BBC News at Ten, here's how Laura Kuenssberg's report began. (Note the dig at the Leave campaign):
This isn't a general election, even though it looks a bit like it. The Prime Minister's Brexit deal is the candidate, MPs are the voters. She's hopeful the Government's numbers today show her compromise is better than nothing. 
Theresa May: It shows that the deal we have negotiated with the European Union is the best deal available for jobs and the economy, that also delivers and honours the referendum. 
There are lots of possibilities that today's statistics just don't and cannot include. But the Brexit campaign certainly didn't say the economy would slow down on the side of a bus. The Chancellor this morning was remarkably clear:
Philip Hammond: If we are only looking at the economic benefits, remaining in the EU, is a slightly better economic outcome than the Prime Minister's deal. But the Prime Minister's deal gives an outcome remarkably close to the benefits of staying in. 


  1. As many of us have noted the BBC is not simply Biased anymore,it is Brazenly Biased. We've seen this with Maitlis virtue signalling grandstanding and mock ire directed at anyone left of Ken Clarke. We see it with David on the Evan Davis Show (what used to be called PM). We see it with the gratuitous anti-American and anti-Trump bias of low achievers like Nick Bryant. We see it in the loaded chairing perfected by the Dimboes. We see it in the programming, in the audience selection, in the questioning, in the guest selection and the differential interviewing of people on the basis of their politics (followers of hard left Communism, responsible for 100 million deaths are welcome to put their view and will get a sympathetic hearing).

    Re Project Nero (they are willing to burn down everything in order to make the UK safe for globalism)...

    1. The Treasury, Bank of England, OBR and IMF have all been spectacuarly wrong in the past, including specifically in relation to the Brexit vote (predicting a recession that never happened - we have enjoyed remarkable growth despite Carney best efforts to talk down the economy).

    2. What are the assumptions? If one of the assumptions is that our population will grow more rapidly if we stay in the EU (in my view a very reasonable assumption) then of course you will get a higher rate of growth, simply because your population will be growing. But what will the population growth mean in terms of per capita GDP?

    3. Whose growth? We have been providing a marvellous service for millions of mainland Europeans who have been coming here over the last 40 years, finding jobs, sending money home, building homes in Latvian forests and the like.
    This has been great for them and I have no problem with them taking the opportunity that is legally here. But what interests me and I suspect the great majority of UK citizens is how well UK citizens do. Will our children and grandchildren find decent, stable jobs? Will they be able to rent or buy a decent family home with a garden? Will they see their real disposable income (rather than the government's fantasy figures) rise substantially? Will they enjoy good public services?

    Increasingly we see the answer is no.

    The first thing a populist government should do is bring in a measure of UK Citizens' real disposal income.

    1. Sorry - I meant right of Ken Clarke of course!!! They love the people to the left of Clarke!!!!

    2. Good post MB. Our Laura looks increasingly uncomfortable as she tries to conceal the anti 'Toree' rhetoric that had become the mainstay of her reporting. She has been forced into a position where she resents what she has to say.

    3. For the moment Laura and co. bite their tongue, hold their noses and cross their toes! :)

      It must be hellish for them all. But careful what you wish for guys...the BBC will be a prime target for a Corbynista government.

      I don't think BBC types understand how the hard left think. They really don't like people who have been to private schools or grammars or indeed come from a bourgeois background (at least unless they show sufficient rejection of those antecedents). Virtually all BBC presenters and reporters of note come from that sort of background, whatever their minority status.

      The Corbynistas will be looking to turn the BBC from a pro-left/liberal organisation into a far more proletarian,minority-based and hard left outfit. It will be career ending for huge numbers of them, including LK - she must be near the top of the list.

  2. Laura has crossed so many lines she is in with a chance of snagging Barry Obama.

  3. She is currently in Argentina. Looks lovely, so don't cry for her.


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