Saturday 24 November 2018

Girls on Top

Maybe it's an omen for the BBC, like the last raven leaving the Tower of London, but it seems that one of the two crown jewels of BBC political presentation, Question Time, is slipping out of the hands of The Dimbleby Family. 

I was expecting that David's son - the one who famously went to Eton with Jacob Rees-Mogg - would eventually succeed to the chair. But alas no. 

It appears, instead, as if Fake or Fortune's Fiona Bruce is taking over.

That raised my eyebrows so much that I even began to look a little like Fiona after a particularly exciting antique is put in front of her. What's going on? Where's the nepotism? 

Despite claims from disreputable sources (Observer journalists probably) that she's actually a descendent of Robert the Bruce, the sister of Sir Ken Bruce and the daughter of Sir Bruce Forsyth, it turns out that she's got the job (if she has got it) entirely through her own merits - oh, and, of course, for being a woman (as no man was ever going to be given the job by the BBC at the moment). . 

Apparently, she "impressed BBC bosses with her handling of the audition audience" and "bosses are thought to want a presenter who can appeal to mainstream viewers who may be turned off by the show’s often fractious tone".

So well done Fiona! And you didn't even apply to have your surname changed to 'Dimbleby' by deed poll, as the same disreputable sources suggested the very ambitious Emily Maitlis was seriously considering doing.

Meanwhile, Our Emily is said to being handed the chief presenter role at Newsnight following the departure of the much-loved Evan. Given that she's already pretty much been doing that for weeks, Fiona Bruce's eyebrows are unlikely to rise much further at such news. Emily will then be the new Paxman, able to berate Brexiters, snap at Trump supporters and dismiss democracy as she pleases. 


  1. The BBC's premier current affairs programme is now being presented by a woman who doesn't think democracy matters - bit like the Premier in No. 10, really.

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  3. Well furrow my brows! - it will now have to be called Gwesdion Dime because that's how Fiona will pronounce it.

  4. Talking of Fi's eyebrows, Dame Edna once said of some unfortunate woman that, if she had one more face-lift, she'd be wearing a beard. Anyone remember who the victim was?

  5. Surely Kirsty Wark is senior to Maitlis, as lead presenters go. She ranked with Paxman as the top two in BBC eyes. Don't tell me the lightweight Davis and Maitlis have displaced the old heavyweights.

  6. Talking of eyebrows, Jane Hill's snap up then slowly drift back down.I think she reads the news as well but I haven't noticed.

  7. Bernard Ingham's eyebrows used to speak a language all of their own - call it Browlish if you like...expressing indignation, intrigue, and innocent inquiry.

  8. 'Fake and Fortune' could be a good name for Newswatch.

    I just watched a movie about Bob de B on Netflix. Starring Captain Kirk.

    Wasn't bad for a swords and gorefest.

    No spiders but Mrs. B did come across as modishly feisty.


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