Sunday 25 November 2018

What matters

The Mail on Sunday claims an exclusive today: that it was Theresa May herself, acting in opposition to both her Home Secretary (Sajid Javid) and Foreign Secretary (Jeremy Hunt), who actually blocked the asylum application from Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi "despite (the) UK playing host to hijackers, extremists and rapists". They say, via government "sources" (including "a senior Government source"), that Mrs May "is afraid allowing Mrs Bibi into the UK could annoy British Muslims ". 

The MoS's story is being called "credible" by Sunder Katwala of British Future. and yet, it isn't being taken up by the BBC, as far as I can see. Strikingly, for example, Andrew Marr didn't raise it with Jeremy Hunt this morning. 

As many across the political spectrum are saying, blocking asylum for a genuine refugee in order to avoid ‘stoking tensions’ among British Muslims would be a truly disgraceful act. ("Pure evil", some are calling it). 

Again then, we face the question of what matters to media outlets - i.e. that some things matter more than others.


  1. Mrs. May lost any thought I had of supporting her regime when she blocked speakers to the UK to appease her evidently sole audience of concern.

    How she has been propped up since is a matter of wonder.

  2. It says she was concerned about the safety of our officials in Pakistan - what a country that is to be tangled up with. Could she also guarantee the safety of the woman here? I would be impressed though if she refused admission to Imran Khan - that's if he hasn't already got rights here, which he might well have.

  3. I'm loving this surfing analogy...


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