Sunday 25 November 2018


Bradley from The Chase, getting lifted out of Ms. Khan.

(If you're wondering why a Muslim female character constantly wears tight clothing and appears to be bisexual, well, the actress isn't a Muslim. (She's a Sikh). #justsaying)

Well, Russia and Ukraine look as if they might be about to go to war tonight and Herr "Jean-Claude" Juncker is doubtless, at this very moment, getting his resplendently-dressed servants to crack open yet another of his spare crates of wine (sparkling or otherwise) - one of the fifty dozen or more he's got stored behind his private toilet in the Brussels Egg - to celebrate the EU's glorious victory over Theresa's UK...

...but I know what you really want from ITBB tonight.

Yes, obviously, yet another post about Doctor Who.

Is Doctor Who a children's programme? Was it always a children's programme? Well, it felt like a children's programme tonight

But, ah, don't all the 'adult sexuality things' and all the 'PC things', such as King James I flirting with the black 21st Century lad, and all the feminist stuff, prove that Doctor Who is an adult programme too? 

(Rhetorical question?)

Probably not, if we believe what we read in the papers about some schools - even primary schools - ramming such things down the throats of children. 

Ergo, being the lead sellers of the very same spirit, why wouldn't a primetime BBC family show not try to promote such things?

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