Saturday 10 November 2018

A Curious Case

Transcript time coming up (as it's Saturday), but something a bit odd first...

The main interviewee on this week's Newswatch was John Neal, Rob Burley's successor as editor of The Andrew Marr Show talking about the Arron Banks into on The Andrew Marr Show. John Neal is also Rob Burley's successor as editor of Newswatch, so here was the editor of Newswatch being interviewed on Newswatch. 

That's not unprecedented. Exactly the same thing happened with Rob Burley. 

The curious thing then is what happened to the closing credits, which I thought I'd check out to see if John Neal had got someone else to edit the programme or not. 

Here's what you normally see at the very end of Newswatch. The first example is from two weeks ago:

The second example is from last week:

What then of this week's edition? Well, spot the difference!

That's a bit rum, isn't it?


  1. Very. They've suddenly got a shy editor. How very very very.

  2. It is worse than that for Jim, surely?


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