Sunday 25 November 2018

Exam Question

Maybe we're in old-fashioned exam question territory here, but just imagine for a moment that you're an eager Twitterer and have tweeted or re-tweeted just the following tweets over the past couple of days on the Brexit question. What views should be seen as being imputed from your (four) tweets and re-tweets by examinees? (4 marks).


  1. The top tweet - 23 Nov - is an example of a massive begging of the question.

    Urban is the one I saw presenting Newsnight one time recently when I was scrolling past. I couldn't remember his name and was confusing him with Mark Easton. Easton the one who comments on social topics and hates England. I wasn't aware Urban was a presenter of Newsnight. It looks as if he would fit in well with the teenagers.

  2. Whenever I hear that phrase "My Britischer friends..." I press the panic button. I've been hearing it a lot recently. I want to be hearing "You Britischers - you are so effing difficult? Why??"

    And yes - anon is right...a massive begging of the question.

    Had May not dishonestly and duplicitously sidelined Davis in the negotiations (while letting us, Parliament and the media believe he was conducting the negotiations)then who knows how things might have gone. The EU always said they were offering us a Canada style agreement...Davis wanted Canada Plus. I think a deal would have been done and we would be out, having paid the extortionate leaving sum but otherwise a free nation.

    I used to have some regard for Urban but I think a lot of these BBC types know they have to position themselves - show they are pro-EU, pro-equality of outcome, pro-extreme feminism etc in order to protect their jobs.


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