Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Calling the police

A private video of several people cheering and laughing as they burned an effigy of Grenfell Tower for Bonfire Night was shared on social media. For this sickening joke, five men have now been arrested. 

The BBC, and many others, are prominently reporting it (it's been the main headline on Today and BBC Breakfast this morning), but doing so without even the slightest nod towards the kind of concerns popping up across my Twitter feed today:

  • What's noticeable about the Grenfell Effigy disgrace, is not that anyone was despicable and ghastly enough to do it, we've always had idiots, but that we now live in an age when the PC Empire mob demands the police validate their opinions, while really crime goes unsolved.
  • Sick joke. I understand why people are offended and upset. However, this does not need "further investigation". This isn't a "hate crime". Not everything that's "wrong" should be a crime. 
  • I do hope some enterprising journo analyses the time (and money) the Met spends devoted to different kind of crimes. Seems that snowflake 'crimes' are disproportionately resourced to seriousness of say, stabbings and gang crimes.
  • Fear not Gary (Lineker), the Met Police are already on the case. They literally have nothing else better to do.
  • Nobody has been prosecuted over the deaths of 72 people in the Grenfell inferno (excluding compensation fraudsters). We shouldn't lose sight of the real scandal amid calls to charge idiots who burned a model of the tower (heartlessly offensive but is it a legal offence?)
  • Making a video making light of a fire where many died is obviously disgusting, but it is not against the law. Britain makes itself a global laughing stock when it does stupid things like arresting people for bad jokes.
  • Investigating what? Is bad taste illegal now?
  • Four people murdered in four days in London. Meanwhile, after a national manhunt, police finally catch the people who set fire to a model of a building.

These idiots were vile to do what they did, but, seriously, how far should arresting people for this kind of idiocy go? After all, should the police be called in every time an effigy of Boris Johnson is set alight (especially after the murder of fellow MP Jo Cox), or after effigies of Donald Trump are burned across Britain (especially after one Brit has already tried to assassinate him)? Will the BBC ever ask such questions, or will it be left to their commercial talk radio rivals instead?


  1. I don't think it was vile. It might even be seen as satire. What was/is vile is the politicisation by all sides of the tragedy, in particular the abuse, often without evidence, of all 'players' before, during and after the disaster.
    Why should what was essentially a private action become offensive yet the endless public reporting of the real thing is OK? Ditto why is the public reporting of the private action not 'offensive' too? It is as if journalists have some magic invisibility cloak - "we are just reporting it, don't blame us".

  2. Yes, the burning of the Grenfell Tower model (with paper figurines) was an appalling gratuitously immoral act. There may well have been an ideology lurking behind the idiocy. Whether arrests are appropriate remains to be seen because it depends to my way of thinking how this got into public. If you did this on the public street you would definitely be arrested, and rightly so I think...it is an outrage against public decency or some such.

    However, we shouldn't forget the huge amount of hypocrisy from the SJWs here. Malcolm X is revered by the BBC, by academia and by the left as a man of high humanitarian principle. This is what he said about a plane crash that caused the deaths of 120 people:

    " I would like to announce a very beautiful thing that has happened...I got a wire from God today...well, all right, somebody came and told me that he really had answered our prayers over in France. He dropped an airplane out of the sky with over 120 white people on it because the Muslims believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But thanks to God, or Jehovah, or Allah, we will continue to pray, and we hope that every day another plane falls out of the sky. "


    Will the SJWs condemn that as well as the Grenfell Tower bonfire? I doubt it. They will find excuses as they always do.

  3. Well if it had not have been for the BBC I'd have never had bothered looking for this video online, yeah, in poor taste, I can't imagine what these people were thinking, if indeed anything. But still not a crime.
    Of course back in 2001, I remember a group of junior doctors in Cardiff (from a particular background) were reported for flying a model aeroplane into a large tower of cardboard boxes, no social media back then and of course they'll all be well paid highly respected consultants by now...