Saturday, 3 November 2018

Despite Israel

Monkey Brains, writing on the Open Thread, has spotted an absolute BBC 'classic' - a BBC video report posted on the BBC News website about a plucky female Palestinian entrepreneur in a hijab making the best of it, despite those pesky Israelis:
There are some stories that tick all the boxes, and then there are some stories that tick all the boxes AND give the BBC an orgasm. This is one such:  
- Female TICK
- Female entrepreneur TICK
- Ethnic minority TICK
- Islam TICK
- Hijab TICK
- Palestinian TICK
- Israel as warmonger TICK
- Israel blockading Gaza TICK
- Gaza TICK
- Destruction of poor persecuted Gaza TICK
- Recycling TICK
- Global warming TICK
He added:
Also I think this is Fake News, folks, it really is... 
Because they claim the woman "invented" this recycling technique. When I just googled there were loads of very similar techniques involving recycling rubble...there doesn't seem anything special about this one.
That BBC reporters in pursuit of stories like this wouldn't google around and check such a thing for themselves wouldn't be in the least bit surprising to me.


What is it with the BBC News website and 'Palestinian cause-promoting' video reports like this?

Why are there so many of these kind of reports and so few reports that reflect well on Israel?

Answers on a postcard please to Lord Hall and Jeremy Bowen. 

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