Wednesday, 7 November 2018


I thought I'd carry out a little experiment and listen to Woman's Hour's midterm election coverage this morning to see how balanced it was. The hypothesis I was testing was that it wouldn't be balanced. 

The results include the imbalance of guests. It wasn't, as you might have expected, one pro-Republican versus one pro-Democrat but one pro-Republican versus two pro-Democrats. 

And, secondly, guess which of the three was the only one to be on the receiving end of an interruption? Yes, the lone pro-Republican guest, who Dame Jenni Murray interrupted to repeat her aghast-sounding question about racism in the Republican campaign. 

So the conclusions of my experiment are that Woman's Hour had an anti-Republican bias. 

I'm now off into a nearby wood to monitor some bears. I'm researching claims that they go to the toilet in such tree-filled locations.


  1. While you're there could you check if the Pope is Catholic. I have some doubts these days.

  2. Next you'll be confirming that water is wet.