Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Faisal Islam to become Economics Editor for the BBC

Guido Fawkes has been tracking biased and/or innacurate reporting at Sky News for a while, particularly from its political editor Faisal Islam. Here's are three Brexit-related examples:

So, in the light of that, if Guido is correct, what shall we make of the announcement today that Faisal Islam is joining the BBC and taking over Kamal Ahmed's old job as BBC Economics Editor?

Well, at least his reporting now comes under the remit of Is the BBC biased?!


  1. Is Faisal yet another business/economics correspondent (to go with Naga Munchetty and Kamal Ahmed) who never studied economics at university? He got a post grad diploma in newspaper journalism (two a penny I would guess) but can't find anywhere what he studied at Trinity College, Cambridge. Odd that he isn't trumpeting what he studied at that prestigious institution, whatever it was. Does anyone know? If it was economics, I take it back.

    I just wonder how these economics correspondents with no understanding of economics, beyond what you or I might acquire through reading of newspapers and books etc can navigate the huge mountain of economic data - they must surely rely on "trusted sources" to tell them what to report.

    That said, I find his reporting style (leaving aside content) quite likeable. Not too much grandstanding. But biased? Most definitely.

    1. I've just checked out his LinkedIn page, and it does say 'Economics' as his Cambridge Uni subject.


    2. Along with Diane Abbott, another alumnus to treasure.

      Is it true they are trying to lure Paul Mason back to handle the Anger and Protests Editor slot, now Jeremy Bowen and John Simpson are getting on and have gone full Corbyn on anything Middle East?

    3. Thanks Craig, apologies to Faisal then...it was becoming such a pattern at the BBC I thought it might apply here. But odd he doesn't make more of being an economics graduate from Trinity, Cambridge - that's pretty impressive on the face of it.

      That said I note he describes himself as an "alumnus" of Trinity...can't find anywhere that he claims to be a "graduate" in economics...


      Anyway there are more important things to be concerned about...

    4. The LinkedIn just gives the subject Economics and the dates 1995-1998. The Independent, if it can be relied upon, refers to him as 'The Cambridge graduate...'

    5. I found another article where the University of Kent referred to him as a BA from Cambridge...not a BA (Hons). Did he not get awarded a BA (Hons)? It would be quite funny if he got a Third and is now lecturing the rest of us. However, I've no idea how the Cambridge system works, so no wish to be unfair to the guy. It's just slightly odd more isn't made of his credentials as an economics graduate.

      The BBC press release (link below) refers to him "Having graduated with an economics degree," - doesn't say Cambridge - could have been from London Met for all they tell us! Odd again...if I was a BBC Press wallah I'd be bigging up my man and say he was a Cambridge economics graduate.


    6. I'm not finding any BA (Hons) references for him either. Cambridge economics courses are BA (Hons) courses, according to their website:


      It is all a bit rum.

    7. With reference to Mason, he succeeded Islam as Channel 4 News Economics Editor so he's not doing too badly for a former music lecturer. Before that he had been the culture and media editor.

      And we know where he had been before that. Since he left the BBC he hasn't bothered to hide his true colours and has come out publicly on Question Time and other programmes as a fanatical activist - far left, extremist etc - borrowing from the BBC's lexicon they reserve for others who are not of the left or BBC persuasion. I can't imagine he'd be happy to give up that freedom from having to pretend to be impartial, balanced, reasonable etc.

  2. He wears his bias on his sleeve and in your face. His is made for radio but the voice is not. Let that not stop him though. I remember him shouting like a loon at Michael Gove during the election campaign, I think it was. This was supposed to be one of the BIG interviews. I think media people regard them as showpieces and big old Adam was there in the wings rushing in with the congratulations afterwards. Junior had passed the test and earned his place among the big boys. It was one of the worst displays I've ever seen in what is supposed to be an interview not an all-out attack or a rant. Heck, ranting is frowned upon even here on a privately owned blog, let alone considerations applicable to a publicly regulated broadcaster. It's like when Jo Coburn with Batten or Marr with the PM on the sacred topic of - hush at the back - that boat from the Windies when they seem compelled to assume a mantle of moral outrage but in fact lose control of the interview and even of themselves.

    1. He, of course, did that famous Michael Gove interview where Mr Gove's words about "experts from organisations with acronyms" got twisted forever after into "people have had enough of experts".