Wednesday, 7 November 2018


So, according to Nick Robinson, the auditions have already taken place for those seeking to replace David Dimbleby on Question Time. The six applicants were: Nick Robinson, Emily Maitlis, Samira Ahmed, Kirsty Wark, Victoria Derbyshire and Fiona Bruce. Nick doesn't reckon he'll be picked, and I'm pretty sure he'll be right about that as David Dimbleby is bound to regenerate into a woman this time. Nick thinks it will be (and deserves to be) Emily Maitlis. 


  1. Presumably that's why Emily is trying so hard on Newsnight to be aggressively liberal-lefty. She is also pushing the race agenda very hard in quite an unpleasant way. I reckon Kirsty Wark has more techical ability to handle the job. Samira could do it, but can I put the telegenic stakes I don't think she fits the BBC's very non-PC requirements.

  2. Doesn't David Dimbleby have any daughters?