Saturday, 3 November 2018

For Mash gets smash

So Susan Calman made a political remark on The News Quiz back in June accusing Mrs May of being "a coward" over abortion rights in Northern Ireland. Comedians are, of course, always making political remarks (or ranting) on The News Quiz, usually just as one-sidedly as Susan, but this one - to some surprise - actually earned the programme a rap on the knuckles from the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit. 

The ECU found against the programme on the grounds of bias against the Conservatives.

Wonder if Susan Calman's wife was puzzled about that? After all, most BBC comedy shows with a political slant must surely be flouting the 'due impartiality' rules on a very regular basis, and yet they don't get into trouble, do they? 

Take The Mash Report on BBC Two, for example, where presenter Nish Kumar delivers a Guardian editorial each week. How's that allowed? 

Incidentally, I thought this summed that programme up pretty well: "The Mash Report - a show so bad that even the canned laughter sounds halfhearted".


  1. Maybe The Mash Report should team up with QT for a special in Pyongyang?

    Suicide is painless.

  2. Good game! "The Mash Repor - a show so weak in ideas it had to steal its name from another comedy show."

    "The Mash Report - not as impartial, free and fair as a Stalin show trial."