Monday, 5 November 2018

Get a life, reactionaries

The Mirror man's right, of course. And anyhow, surely the real problem here is racism. Why is it that snowpeople are always shown as being white? Where are the SOCs (snowpersons of colour)? Come on BBC, you can do better!


  1. Don’t give them ideas.

    “Orange snowman bad!”

    1. BBC H&W posted a 'Yellow Weather' alert on twitter, so I replied with advice not to eat the snow. Not yet blocked surprisingly.

      And Newbeat is calling them Snopeeps and Asian Network SnoMoFos. Apparently.

  2. The BBC needs to clamp down on expressions of Climate Denial in surreptitious forms. For instance the song "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" is virtually a manifesto of Climate Denial. Despite there now being a 100% consensus among scientists, and more importantly the BBC, that Global Warming caused by carbon emissions is incontrovertibly true we still here nonsense about "A Winter Wonderland" and "A White Christmas". It should be impermissible for populist provocateurs to spread this sort of Far Right propaganda on our airwaves.