Monday, 5 November 2018

Hatchet time

Tommy Robinson says the BBC is about to broadcast a "hatchet job" on him, with the aim of "destroying" him.

They've got "secret recordings", he says.

He doesn't know which BBC programme will be brandishing the hatchet, though I'm guessing Newsnight. (John Sweeney probably.)
And so the world now waits with bated breath for the BBC's hatchet to fall...


  1. I've never said Tommy Robinson was an angel or a role model. There are I am sure private conversations that most of us would not wish to be made public, whether we are the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Imam down the local mosque or a member of John McDonnell's Far Left clique. The difference is of course that the BBC won't be trying to secretly record those sorts of people.

    There is of course recording and then there is Tommy faces double jeopardy there. Make it triple if you include the loaded commentary that will be placed on top of it all.

    To me, it makes no difference ultimately to where the truth resides. A Sweeney hit piece will not affect the reality of what Islam teaches, or what abuse gangs have been doing up and down the country, or the effects of mass immigration on the UK.

    By the way, are we sure Sweeney is a man of sound judgement?

  2. Well, if there are facts of public interest and relevance, then so be it.

    My problem, especially if the BBC is involved, is how those facts are shaped in the edit suite, and their dissemination tuned in the production rooms not so much for light as to generate heat and serve agendas.

    Plus, of course, the now all too pervasive BBC 'editorial integrity' that sees massive resources dedicated as much to destroying ideological foes as they are suddenly not being able to do the same for 'friends' in pursuit of truth or, worse, being complicit in concealment. The current BBC efforts with the mid-terms in America are nothing short of a disgrace.

    Brexit, US elections, Banks... Tommy. Many precedents set, but too often the efforts remain unidirectional.

    That... is propaganda backed by censorship. And the lessons of history suggest it seldom ends well.

    1. Yes, indeed re the mid terms; here is a sample:
      Panorama 'Trump: What next?'
      'On the eve of the most important US midterm elections for a generation, Panorama examines allegations that Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidency, and looks at the similarities with the Watergate scandal which brought down Richard Nixon. Reporter Hilary Andersson joins the campaign trail in West Virginia, where the president's message of a vast political witch-hunt against him has fired up Republican voters. If the Democrats do well tomorrow, it could open the door to impeachment, but Trump's supporters believe they will win and warn of riots should the establishment try to take their man down.'

      They sound desperate for an impeachment. They must see this as their best, perhaps only, chance.

  3. My odds on the journalist :

    Gabriel Gatehouse : 6:4 - Gabriel wants an award for seeing the Faaaaaaar Right to an early grave.
    Daniel Sandford : 2:1 - wants revenge for being sneakily recorded 6 months ago.

    Apparently Caolan Robertson has given the BBC an interview. Mr Robertson has a history of self serving behaviour, so that should be interesting.
    It may be fair to say that Lucy Brown was the secret recorder.
    Whatever it is, it won't be as good as Project Veritas' latest films which are now gaining traction on US TV.
    ..... and which the BBC have ignored for 3 years, 'cos reasons.

    1. Apparently TR thinks it's Vice News. Surprise, surprise...a young woman is involved. They normally are in these sting ops. Batting of eyelids and lots of "Ooh and aahing" about how clever the (male) target is.

    2. He's just confirmed it's Vice + Lucy Brown working together after the Ali Dawah incident where Ali was refused a platform to speak after Brown had invited him.
      She's a strange one is Lucy. Can't quite work out her motives. Maybe she thinks she can play the Maajid card and make a career out of repenting her sins (or at least seeming to have done).