Wednesday, 7 November 2018

It's a little bit funny

This is a bit weird, maybe, on the Arron Banks getting bumped from Question Time' affair, but it's still quite funny...

As previously noted here at ITBB, Jordan Peterson - who "some" call the "Professor of Piffle" (in the words of David Dimbleby) - was announced by David Dimbleby at the end of last week's show to be appearing tomorrow night, and Arron Banks was announced by David Dimbleby, immediately afterwards, as being due to appear a week tomorrow:
David Dimbleby: Next Thursday we're going to be in Dulwich in south London. There we're going to be joined by a man who has been described as "the most influential public intellectual in the Western world" and equally as a "Professor of Piffle", the campaigner against political correctness Jordan Peterson. The week after we're in Milford Haven and, believe it or not, at the moment at any rate, Arron Banks is going to be on the panel! So that's...we'll see! No, we'll see! That's two...that's two weeks from now.

Meanwhile, here's Carole Cadwalladr on Twitter tonight gloating, without having checked her facts:

Wrong Carole. You got your weeks mixed up. Prof. Peterson was booked - and announced - for a week earlier than Arron Banks. Maybe you should have checked first. Ouch?

Give the women another Orwell Prize!

Update: Oooh, I've made it on Twitter. An "EU lawyer" reckons I must be a bot:

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  1. Shame on you Craig for your patriarchal mansplaining. It is completely unacceptable in the 21st century that a man should explain to a woman employed by the Guardian that she is wrong. She could only be wrong if patriarchy was right and since it clearly isn't that makes you wrong. Shame on you, shame on you... :)