Monday, 5 November 2018

Populist right-wing clerics

I've just read a comment at the Spectator that said, in passing, that a reporter on BBC World had "called the b*stards who want that Pakistani girl killed 'right wing populists'", so I checked TV Eyes and found that the reporter in question was former Newsnight journalist turned BBC Pakistan & Afghanistan Correspondent Secunder Kermani. 

This was on 31 October and the BBC man's exact words were "populist right-wing clerics". 

Of course, he could have called them 'hardline Muslim clerics' or 'radical Islamic clerics' but chose "populist right-wing clerics" instead. 

Very BBC.

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  1. Yes, I'd referenced on a previous thread somewhere that I had heard Secunder Kermani do a "two-way" on Radio 4's Today programme where he referred to "Far Right clerics". The appropriate wording surely is something like "fundamentalist Imams" or "hardline Muslim clerics".