Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Pressing the press

I watched the entirety of Donald Trump's post-midterm elections press conference tonight - as you too can do here

(In fact I greatly recommend it. It was very entertaining: Be warned though. It's nearly an half and a half long - though it will fly by). 

I heard Sky News and Channel 4 (Jon Snow) asking questions, but where were the beauties of the BBC? There was not a single question from the "world's most trusted". (Some other news organisation got today's 'another beauty' from President Trump instead).

CNN's Jim Acosta and the President got into their usual verbal bare-knuckle fight. My Twitter feed divided between Stephen Pollard describing Donald Trump's treatment of Mr. Acosta as "vile, vile" and Tim Montgomerie retweeting Ben Shapiro saying that Jim Acosta "is a disgrace to his alleged profession". 

As you do, I naturally chose to check out what the face of the BBC in the USA, the main anchor of BBC America, Katty Kay, had to say on Twitter about it. Naturally, besides noting the length of the press conference, all she did was to retweet a Trump racism dog-whistle tweet from someone from CNN:


And Anthony Zurcher took to adding emojis to his snarks at the US president, namely this very one:

Meanwhile, being more conscious of the need to appear impartial than either of those two partisan BBC hacks (no offence) his BBC colleagues, Jon Sopel, the BBC's North America editor, remembered to 'balance' his first re-tweet from Mr. Guardian/Radio 4...

with another from everyone's cup of tea Piers Morgan:

Ah, and watching Beyond 100 Days tonight and their take on the Trump press conference, well, Katty Kay and Christian Fraser have never heard anything like it, and neither has Barbara Plett Usher. 

Can Amazon Prime dispatch smelling salts to them overnight? If so, I'll add them to my basket and go to 'check out' straightaway. I feel I ought to do something to help them, poor things. Maybe a Radio 4 appeal is needed? 

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  1. Well that "last point" is not an anti-Trump point is it? It's a "Piers Morgan, who supports Trump, can see that Acosta's line of attack benefits Trump, so - Jim - please stop!"