Saturday, 3 November 2018

Something Cancelled

Over the past couple of years I've rather fallen out of love with BBC Radio 4. 

Before then I could usually find a few programmes each day, amongst all the tediously worthy stuff, to arouse my interest, but the tediously worthy stuff has spread like ash dieback and there's less and less I want to listen to.

At least there's still Something Understood on Sunday morning son Radio 4. 

I've blogged several times before about how much I enjoy this programme - a thoughtful mix of music, poetry, prose and occasional interviews on a given theme, often presented by Mark Tully. 

As long as Radio 4 has Something Understood then I'll stick with it.

Meanwhile, let's pour the milk on the cornflakes and see what's in the Daily Telegraph...

Oooh, there's a headline about the BBC here. What does it say? 'BBC scraps Radio 4 religious programme Something Understood due to budget cuts'....

A selfie (just taken)

Oh great! It will be replaced by repeats. 

Couldn't Radio have made better "tough choices" and stopped The Listening Project or pensioned off Woman's Hour or Saturday Live?

So what's left for me at BBC Radio 4? Well, In Our Time. But is that it?


  1. They could replace Women's Hour with a loop of Dame Jenny screeching "Whyyyyy?"

  2. They put it on at a time when not so many are awake to listen to it and then because few listen, they justify cancelling it. For tomorrow's programme I see they are bringing that old BBC favourite, Rowan Williams:

    Budget cuts often seem to fall in the wrong places. That Saturday Live programme is dire. I go to the off switch before it even starts, so that I don't have to hear either of those two, the cackler and the cleric.

  3. That photo is fantastic. As Blaster Bates used to say, I laughed like a drain.