Friday, 9 November 2018

Stepping back (slightly)

The previous post shows the perils of posting too soon.

Like Patrick and Tim, I was gobsmacked by the editorial choices of Radio 4's PM: Get the Guardian joint political editor in and follow her with pro-People's Vote Conservative Mp Sarah Wollaston and pro-People's Vote Conservative Dominic Grieve. Impartiality, my gluteus maximus!

I mean, if you're a PM editor and Sarah Wollaston and Dominic Grieve are both clamouring to appear on your programme (the most charitable interpretation for the programme having put them on, one after the other), surely you'd say either "Sorry Sarah, but we've got Dominic" or "Sorry Dominic, but we've got Sarah"?

Ah but, later in the same programme, pro-Brexit Conservative MP Mark Francois appeared. He was 'the balance'. 

Maybe the earlier segment looked very bad, impartiality-wise - so bad that PM (correctly) scrambled to find an opposing point of view to cover their glutei maximi

Oddly though, and for very different reasons to Sarah Wollaston and Dominic Grieve, Mr Francois was just as sympathetic to Mr Johnson's resignation as they were. 

Politics can be baffling that way. 

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