Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The danger for the nation

They can't help it. Even the best of them. 

Justin Webb was going so well at trying to be impartial on the latest Beyond Today podcast for Radio 4, and then he said this:
Even with those messages, this kind of sense that actually that message about the other, that that message, as the Democrats would see it, about hate actually works to an extent. 
And Donald Trump, you know, when he was going around the country, when you look at the places he went, his people have done pretty well and he's done pretty well. 
And that, I think, is a template. 
The danger for the nation is that that's the template for 2020, because he's seen what worked and will use it again.  
They can't help it. Even the best of them. 

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  1. Yes, let's hope one of our Complainer Kings puts in a complaint about that...because he's bang to rights. What "danger for the nation" can there be seen by anyone in a successful President winning another term? Unless your Nancy Pelosi's poodle that is...