Thursday, 8 November 2018

What Anthony Zurcher would have asked the President...if he'd been called

Incidentally, if you were wondering which beauty of a BBC reporter didn't get called to asked a question to Donald Trump at yesterday's eventful White House press conference, well, it was none other than Anthony Zurcher. And here he is:

"Unfortunately, the president didn’t call on me at his press conference today", he later tweeted.

Here are the four questions he had prepared to ask:
1) Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton lost the House in their first term. They went on to win re-election two years later. After their mid-term setbacks, they said they were humbled and learned important lessons. Have you been humbled? And what, if anything, did you learn? 
2) In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried the female vote by 12 percent. On Tuesday, Democratic candidates carried it by 19 percent. Do Republicans – do you – have a problem connecting with women voters? 
3) Now that Democrats have won the House of Representatives, they have the power to access your tax returns. Might you decide to pre-emptively release your returns, as all recent presidents have done before you? 
4) Today you called Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for Florida’s governor, a “very talented person.” Last week, you said he was a thief. Is this an attempt to change your tone post-election? And if so, do you think Democrats will believe your new language is heartfelt?


  1. "Thank you Anthony, my very good friend Anthony, one of the few real journaliasts at the anti-Trump BBC. I want everyone in the room and around the globe to know we are very good friends and I have a lot of respect for him. Your questions though I don't like so much...not so much. They are a little pre-sumpt-u-ous. Still I'm gonna answer them one by one. No need to repeat them. I have a phenomenal memory folks, truly phenomenal, I do.

    Number one. If I ever decide to eat humble pie, it will be the biggest and best humble pie you ever saw. And I'll put some cream on top. But at the moment I've got no reason to humble, no reason at all. I'm doing a great job and our victory in the mid-terms shows the American people understand that.

    No. 2. The women of America love me. They love everything about me. My business skills...the whole package. But some of them vote Democrat to annoy me. You know women do that sometimes, just to annoy men. They find something that annoys them and they do it because it gives them satisfaction.

    No. 3 - If I do it will be a very boring time for you journalists. You will see I paid my taxes and that's it. That's your story.

    No. 4 Language is a funny thing Anthony. It can be used for lots of purposes. People call me far worse things than thief. But I don't bear a grudge unless it's Rosie O'Donnell...I make an exception in her case because she's an exceptional exceptionally ugly person.

    Thank you Anthony...Jim - and make it quick...