Thursday, 8 November 2018

What interests the BBC

Last night's opening headlines on the BBC's News at Ten included the following:
And a new wave, as a record number of women are voted in, including for the first time two Muslims
 Isn't it telling that that's the thing they singled out? 


  1. Did you hear the Radio 4 news yesterday morning? That was on it - two Mooslems, the deep voiced Scottish newsreader called them. Then additional information that one was a Somali refugee. Two birds with one stone there! Muslims and Africans are two client groups. No, I'm wrong... three when you throw in refugee. Must keep up the quota for news and programme content about black and Mooslem.

    Did anyone notice the order in which they relayed the outcome of the election? First mentioned was the Democrat's taking the House. Second was the Senate success for Republicans and President. Tells you their mindset.

  2. Yes it’s part of the relentless campaign now by the BBC and other mainstream media to make us believe that being Muslim is some kind of racial group
    no it’s supposed to be a religion and or an ideology
    there must be many other religions that are represented by few congressmen or senators in the USA but of course they are not reported on

  3. BBC caught on camera supporting the "People's Vote" campaign with fake editing

    I sent this email to BBC Newswatch today and then copied in Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg, Dominic Raab and various friends. The last paragraph refers to the editing error.

    Dear Sir,

    Like a great many of your viewers and the general public I am becoming increasingly concerned at the BBC’s totally biased coverage of Brexit. The utter negativity about Britain’s future is bad enough. The constant slagging off of anyone who voted leave is worse. Your idea of balance is to have a Question Time panel of remainers and remoaners. That’s hardly an exaggeration – you have “never” managed more leavers than remainers and on a 5 person panel it is usually 4 remain/remoan to 1 leave – very occasionally 3 to 2. The way you represent and interview big businesses who are almost entirely remain is at the expense of SME businesses who are largely leave (like myself) – the ignored majority.

    So far, I know from friends and watching NewsWatch, that the BBC totally denies the truth and I'm fed up with this appalling lack of balance. Now, we have the evidence:

    I just watched the BBC1 One o’clock news (Friday, 16th November 2018). Just look at the interview 8 minutes in when Simon McCoy interviews your political editor Norman Smith outside Westminster. You have the usual “rent a crowd” in the background with that “minority” (not 55% from that biased Survation survey with a badly worded question) of those wanting a second referendum. Those placards stating “We Want A people’s Vote” turn up in almost every news bulletin. There are not many of them and It was already clear that you must have made arrangements to get them on camera all the time. Well, now look at what happens. One of the protesters walks through behind, disappears and then reappears. This was clearly an editing error and reveals the corruption going on. I’m very far from a Donald Trump supporter but for the BBC to be involved in fake news is a scandal. I shall be sending this email to a number of key leave people to ensure that this gets out into the open. This is one step too far and you’ll really struggle to explain this one!

    Yours faithfully, David Morley (address supplied)

    I have the programme on my Sky box. I also downloaded it from BBC iPlayer but the BBC delete news programmes after 24 hours (1330 Saturday). Here's a link to the download but you may need to register (free):

    The edited bit is after 6 minutes 36 seconds.

  4. Well done David. I fully support your post. I watched the BBC News coverage from Parliament Green on 14th Nov and was furious to see, not for the first time, a single Remain protestor with the same Remain placards allowed to stand feet away from Huw Edwards whilst he interviewed various politicians. The protestor was even allowed to view the monitors so he could ideally position himself and his placards in the optimum camera shot. Allowing this to happen was raised on BBC NewsWatch many weeks back and the BBC denied any intention to bias. Yet here was the very same single protestor once again being allowed to push his one-sided message. I have written a letter of complaint to the BBC but clearly this organisation is happy to allow this less-than-subtle practice to continue.
    Malcolm Roper.