Saturday, 3 November 2018

Year of Beliefs

Are you looking forward to 2019? It's the BBC's "Year of Beliefs". (So wake me up in 2020).


  1. Oh, not a collection of attempted blow-offs from ECU directors?

    1. Me and my big marf. Just got two attempted blow offs to VERY recent complaints... they seem sensitive on time as well as the usual.

      "Many thanks for getting in touch regarding the BBC News Website video "What America's 'Blexit' gets wrong about history".

      I understand you feel the video is "propaganda".

      Unfortunately, as you have not detailed your reasons for believing the video contains inaccuracies, I am unable to respond to your complaint. If you would like to get back to us with more detail, we will be more than happy to respond accordingly."

      Chippy. I pointed out their facts were selective, especially with what was left out. With no evident balance attempted bar trying to park awkward facts in history. I can can see this one taking a few months.


      "Many thanks for getting in touch regarding the BBC News Website article "Trump: Third of Americans see media as 'enemy of the people'".

      I understand you feel the headline is misleading.

      The article details what President Trump said in his speech in Florida comprehensively, as does the embedded video and the headline clearly reflects this accurately."

      I said the headline did not quote what was said accurately. Which clearly it didn't. So they are not accurate either.

      I foresee a lot of 'belief' being shared in the coming months too.

      Must get cracking on my BBC Complaints logging blog.

    2. Interesting. It sounds like your complaint regarding the “enemy of the people” article is on very similar grounds to your own, yet I’ve heard nothing.

      I’m not sure how they think they can get away with saying the headline reflected what the President said, as it palpably didn’t. Precedent, presumably.

      It’ll be interesting to see if I get the same wording as you did.

    3. Yes - the BBC is trying to claim that "the media" is the same as "the Fake News media" which clearly it isn't. Trump has never called Fox News "Fake News"

    4. Yes. Looks like I am in for the long haul. A few more bots and some ‘don’t believe’ from an ECU Director, assuming I am not banned for another two years from making them feel stupid.

      Given they editorialised massively, in writing, on their own piece, it will be interesting to discover the knots they tie themselves in before settling on ‘Well, it’s something he might have said’. And then closing the case. Again.

    5. Roland - they replied to you as yet? I am waiting for a moment to 'get back to them' as I know they are keen to hear from me again.

    6. No, Peter, all is quiet. I did point out in my original complaint that they could only justify the headline if they conceded that fake news and the media were one and the same, so perhaps it’s spiked their guns. It would be nice to think they’re having to waste time in a meeting discussing how to reply round that one.

    7. Funnily enough, I just got a special invitation from Sam Smith,
      Head of BBC Audience Services, who would 'love to hear from me'... well, via a survey. Tempting.

    8. That was very nice of Sam. Who could resist?

    9. Actually a bit suspicious, especially given this 'survey' is on their effort that clearly a lot of folk had a big problem with, and is to any sane, impartial observer impossible to excuse even using their own published words. Wondering if I click the link a spooky Korean girl will crawl out of my screen.

    10. I'd be suspicious too, especially if Big Kim's pretty but very sinister sister popped out.

  2. "Year of Beliefs” for crying out loud! It’s not simply that the BBC engages in doublespeak, almost every headline is doublespeak. Quite recently they were invoking Orwell to bash Trump and fake news etc. Yet who is it who has created a true Orwellian nightmare?