Sunday 9 August 2015

Essays on Christian persecution

Radio 4's Sunday is running a short series at the moment looking at the persecution of Christians around the world. 

So far they've looked at North Korea and Eritrea, both authoritarian states (one communist, the other secular). 

Of the top 20 countries judged to be the worst in which to be a Christian, however, 14 out of 20 are Muslim-majority countries (unlike North Korea and Eritrea) so, presumably, next week's essay will be about one of those. (Iran maybe? Or Pakistan?). 

After all, Sunday wouldn't want to give listeners the wrong impression, would it, about where the main danger to Christians is coming from at the moment?


  1. The BBC are beyond belief. Better not tell them about Gambia where 90% are muslims and Christians are not persecuted , interfaith marriage being common. The Beeboids would be there in a flash to portray it as normal for muslim countries. It also fulfils other Beeboid criteria as safe, friendly, luxury hotels and nice weather !

    1. You make it sound like Morecambe, Grant (except for the Muslim/Christian ratio)!

    2. LOL ! Morecambe- the BBC's ultimate proof of global warming. But, another difference is that Morecambe is not a Republic with a mentally deranged President. Well, not yet anyway !

    3. You don't know some of our councillors, Grant!


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