Friday 7 August 2015

But there's always more we can do

Talking about Feedback and Today, there was a classic BBC exchange on today's Feedback between Roger Bolton and Today editor Jamie Angus:
Roger Bolton: Of course, some people do think that your programme needs a more diverse make-up. There was an opportunity, I suppose, also to look specifically for a black presenter. Did you think of that? 
Jamie Angus: Well, we take our...the issue of on-air diversity very seriously. Having presided over the appointment of the first Today presenter from an ethnic minority in Mishal Husain...and, indeed, our reporter team I think is now made up of three women and two men, and one of the women is from an ethnic minority...I think actually that Today's in quite a good place and making good progress. But there's always more we can do.
Of course there is, Jamie. Always.


  1. I looked up old Today presenters on Wikipedia and discovered Jack Di Manio got in big trouble in 1956 for mispronouncing Land of the Niger on radio. :)

    Has Feedback ever been presented by an EM? He should resign and make way.

    I remember I recently saw a BBC News section - national and London local - from 10pm to 10.45pm and I think every presenter and reporter was from an ethnic minority!

    I think the BBC can relax on this point. Better if they focus on what range of opinion is represented in its media.

    1. Poor Jack would probably have been out of the door today faster than you can say Winifred Robinson!

    2. Winifred Robinson will be out of the door faster than you can say Maryam Khan in a few years. :)

      Those who live by PC die by PC as well.

  2. Why give them encouragement for this racial agenda?

    1. Black twitter?

      It's a thing, apparently.

      At least, for the BBC.

      Which is nice.

    2. They do love their racial divisions.


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