Sunday 9 August 2015


Oh, and for all of you who recall David Cameron's complaint that the BBC should be re-named 'the British Broadcasting Cuts Corporation' and who might also remember all those complaints that the BBC was strenuously anti-unionist during the Troubles (the 'Blood Orange' period, as Peter Simple used to put it)...

...Shaun Ley (anticipating today's The World This Weekend on this morning's Broadcasting House) made the following statement:
It's marching season in Northern Ireland - 140 parades this weekend alone. Police say austerity measures mean they can't afford to do the work that might help combat sectarianism. 
And, following on from an earlier post today (about the BBC's special interest in the killing of Michael Brown):
And a year on from the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by a white police officer in Missouri, his father explains how his son's death has become his inspiration. 
The BBC's on parade again, it seems.  


  1. It's difficult to give a rational justification for the BBC's obsession with an American domestic story about alleged police malpractice. What possible relevance can it have for the UK?

  2. Someone should compile a dictionary of the special meanings that the BBC attribute to words. So "sectarianism " only applies to protestants, for example.

    The late, great, Michael Wharton, would turn in his grave. Naturally, "we are all guilty ".

  3. From social media outings where comments are enabled, I don't get the sense the BBC's interest in the now ex-Mr. Brown is as appreciated outside W1A as they may hope, domestically or internationally.

    Seems audiences here wonder what the heck the obsession is and audiences there and everywhere with access to news beyond the BBC's bubble know what the facts are.

    Meaning they are simply looking dumb, petty, partisan and bonkers.

    So clearly they need to ratchet the 'reporting' up a notch to persuade everyone.

    Good luck with that.


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