Tuesday 11 August 2015


Left-leaning Scottish commentator Gerry Hassan isn't impressed with the Daily Express - and neither is prominent BBC Scotland reporter Douglas Fraser:

Douglas seems to provide yet another example of how a BBC's less-than-impartial comments on Twitter seem to echo that BBC reporter's own 'official' reporting. 

Here's something I wrote earlier (in March this year), in the wake of a survey showing that - in complete contrast to Scottish political opinion - Scottish public opinion is scarcely less hostile to mass immigration than English public opinion:

Does Douglas hang his opinions up at the door before starting work, like Hugh Sykes (or so Hugh says)? It doesn't seem so, does it?


  1. Nice catch, Craig. Clear opinion tweet, perfectly matching an opinion expressed in his reporting. Another one for the list. Do you have the embed code in case of deletion?

    1. Thanks, David.

      Yes, it's:

  2. Hassan is , of course, a traditional Scots name. Up here in sunny Scotland, far to the North of Morecambe, where I am visiting to enjoy Global Warming, we have not had much of a problem with immigration mainly because the numbers are low and immigrants have either integrated well, like the Wops and Pakis or keep themselves to themselves and cause no trouble, like the Chinks.

    1. Even the Sassanachs are welcome so long as they spend money here. It may be a different matter if we are swamped. " Bring me sunshine.... ".


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