Thursday 13 August 2015

Forgiveness; DIY

BBC Watch has blogged ‘walls’. We blogged them the other day as well. 

The matter of fact way the BBC describes walls constructed by various countries to separate their citizens from undesirables or illegal migrants differs in tone from the suspicious manner they adopt when referring to the security barrier, often called the apartheid wall. They imply that Israel’s ‘excuse’ is disingenuous; not really for protecting Israelis from intruders with malicious intent, they imply, but for land-grabbing. 

I’m only mentioning this again because yesterday the rev. Lucy Winkett delivered a ‘forgiveness‘ themed sermon on Thought for the Day.  She has a thing about walls.
I was wondering if I could truly forgive her for teaming up with the smarmy Stephen Sizer whose six month ban on anti-Israel internet activity must have expired by now.  

Could I forgive Stephen Sizer for being a manipulating sanctimonious antisemite? I suppose that would be the Christian thing to do, taking the lead from Vincent Uzomah who forgave his assailant because he’d very likely been brought up with violence and that was all he knew. Lucy was full of admiration for Uzomah’s Christian attitude.

I could say, Stephen Sizer, you’ve been brought up with antisemitism, and that’s all you know, so I forgive you. But how do I know how he was brought up? Perhaps he was educated by the BBC, in which case one might be minded to forgive all the antisemitism that has arisen from the BBC’s legacy of one-half-of-the-story reporting. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

I hadn’t realised Sizer was the inspiration behind Bethlehem Unwrapped. I thought it was Lucy’s project, devised in conjunction with that other chap whose name escapes me.  I was wondering if a nice girl like Lucy would have been so hopelessly open to persuasion, since she was described in, dare I say ‘excessively’ glowing terms in this radio 4 profile, which was, admittedly, constructed before the offending ‘Wall” stunt.

At the end of her sermon she said something like “in order to forgive, one must be able to forgive oneself” So Lucy, have you forgiven yourself for your politically inept, misguided collaboration with the antisemitic Palestinian lobby?  


  1. Israel is using 'the wall' for both, if we're honest. Of course, for the BBC to deny any reason other than to create a fait accompli border is dishonest and encourages anti-Jewish sentiment.

  2. Mr. Sizer, the BBC, the Guardian and a certain unsurprising political party obsession of the two media soul-sistets all gloriously bound together in this piece:

  3. Bbbc has just published a new post where an entire shark pack has been jumped by one of those pyramid waterski display teams from the 60s.... a Beeboid has seriously claimed the fences at Calais are akin to prison bars. That's like saying Alcatraz had a moat to prevent conjugal visitations.

    Meanwhile the Head of the BBC's religious programming has dusted off his Bible and weighed in too, with an analogy that may not quite work out as intended.


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