Saturday 8 August 2015

I don't believe it!

A Donald McGill postcard

Of course, the BBC does have a Corrections and Clarifications page (which few people other than me seem to be aware of). 

I don't think I'm being unfair if I highlight the latest entry there, as it's not untypical (and it made me laugh):
Having arrived at Scarborough beach on his tour of Britain (in a series originally broadcast in 2009), Richard Wilson remarked that there were “quite a lot of people who look – how can I put this nicely? – like they really enjoy their food”. A woman who was identifiably in shot at this point complained that the remark had caused her distress. The management of BBC Television had apologised to the complainant, removed the programme from iPlayer immediately and arranged for it to be appropriately edited. In the view of the ECU this sufficed to resolve the issue. Outcome: Resolved 


  1. Fat checking I think they call it.

    1. I would plump for that explanation too.

  2. Excellent. Hoist on his own PC petard. And revealing of the mindset of these elites. I hope they pull every single HIGNFY episode with an Eamonn Holmes or Eric Pickles reference, the hypocrites.


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